Art Courses in Schools

High School Sample Course Flyer

JMAC is offering individualized Art Portfolio Building Courses at various schools in Oakland.  The course location and schedule are subject to change based on interest and availability of students.  Please contact me if you are interested in attending or hosting a certain class.

Possible times: Tuesday, Thursday or Friday After School 3-4:30

General Info: Classes will be offered at various High schools and middle school in Oakland, TBA.  Classes will be 12 weeks consecutively, students are asked to commit to a package but may come to one class to try it out first.  Portfolio building includes an active commitment to attend every class and complete 2 hours of homework per week.  This course costs $240. for 12 weeks for up to 10 students.  Private lessons are also available by appointment on weekday evenings and weekends.  They are $50 for 75 minutes.  I offer lessons in your home or my studio within Oakland/Alameda.

Portfolio Building: This course is offered to students who show an avid interest and potential in excelling in fine art. They will develop a structured portfolio for applications to middle schools, high schools, colleges and other arts programs.  Working with each student individually, I will structure the curriculum to their needs.  I teach skill building, use of different materials and familiarity with art history, vocabulary and critique.  Students will complete original works of art to include in their portfolio.  The Advanced Portfolio building will include digital photography , presentation and interview and essay writing assistance as well.


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