Summer Camp

Summer 2014: Jill McLennan teaches summer camp at the Randall Museum in San Francisco for her fifth consecutive summer.  She leads students of varying ages in curriculum concerning the materials of art, the natural environment and the future of our impact on the planet.  Depicted here are several lessons in the curriculum including architecture, animal habitats and earth arts including: sand painting and handmade paper.  Students learned about native dwellings and created homes for humans using natural materials: clay as mud or stucco, dirt, twigs and grasses and leather.  Then they used recycled materials to create homes for the future that include solutions towards living with the earth for the future.

A student example of a native dwelling made using natural materials.

A student example of a native dwelling made using natural materials.

Native Dwelling 2

Another Native Dwelling example, complete with the people who live there.

Home for the Future

Students desugned homes using recycled materials that provide solutions to living in an environmentally friendly way.

Shelter for the Future

This student designed a shelter for both humans and animals to live peacefully together.

Otters Habitat

This student created a habitat from a shoe box for his mother and child otters that he made out of clay.

Animal Habitats

This student created a vibrant habitat for a small animal that sleeps in a cave.

Earth Arts

Student Examples of Native American Medicine Wheel sand painting and handmade paper using recycled and natural materials.


Students with their work from art camp.