Mural Project Requests

  Book Your Mural Project Here: 

Community Events: JMAC offers murals designed with your themes in mind by artist Jill McLennan.  The mural designs are submitted for approval, then drawn out on the desired surface (canvas, board or actual wall) and painted in by participants from the community or event.


Design and Planning: $500.

Execution of Mural at Public Event with Assistant: $1,200. per day

Supplies: $500. (plus canvas add $25. per yard)

Approximate Totals: for 6×8 ft mural on canvas up to 8 hours on-site $2,500.

School and Community Groups: JMAC directs groups towards designing their own mural based on themes of their choice.  McLennan works with school age students or community members to research a theme, and plan out drawings, using perspective and composition skills.  She gathers the ideas and guides the group in arranging them into a thematic mural.  She then creates a to-scale map of the mural and the group learns to grid and draw the mural onto the desired wall surface.  She and her assistant direct the painting process, teaching color mixing, fill-in techniques, texture, pattern, and detail painting  to complete the mural.

Sample Prices:

Planning with Group: $50. per hour up to 10 hours

Design and To Scale Drawing: $250.

Mural Painting with Assistant and Group: $65. per hour

Supplies: $500.   (plus canvas add $25. per yard)

Approximate Totals: For 6X8 foot mural on canvas $4,500.

Funding Assistance through Grants, Donations and Fundraisers available upon arrangement.


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